Department of Computer Science & Information Technology

Muhammad Shabbir


Lecturer in Computer Science

MSCS (Genetic Algorithms)

Message from HOD

Research, advances, innovation and … in the fields of Computer Science and Telecommunication technologies has revolutionized the world into a global village. As of now (and hopefully coming decades) the major medium of international communication, instruction and archival of information is via IT gadgets. Equipping our youth with knowledge and expertise in these fields has long been the need of the hour. The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology at Government Islamia Graduate College, Kasur has, finally, been able to offer services to cater this need, recently. Thanks to Almighty ALLAH.

The department is making every effort to bring on board, all required resources to enable our prospect students for developing necessary skills which will help them fulfill their economic and socio-cultural needs. Establishing a creative, analytical and reflective mind enables students to think independently and critically. This key to innovation is well garnered by our faculty.

Computer Science society is the platform where students can channelize and utilize their energies in explorative, creative and innovative activities. We look forward to your joining the department for a bright and successful future. This can be of value in revolutionizing our nation and country towards development and prosperity.

Muhammad Shahid Azeem

Lecturer in Computer Science

MSCS (Network Security)

Atif Masih

Lecturer in Computer Science

MSCS (Machine Learning)

Faisal Hameed

Lecturer in Computer Science

MSCS (Formal Modeling)

Muhamamd Imran

Lecturer in Computer Science

MSCS (Software Engineering)