Career Counselling Society



  • To help in the total development of the student
  • To help in the proper choice of courses
  • To help in the proper choice of careers
  • To help the students in vocational development
  • To develop readiness for choices and changes to face need challenges
  • To minimize the mismatching between education and employment and help in the efficient use of manpower
  • To motivate the youth for self-employment
  • To help fresher’s establish proper identity
  • To identify and motivate the students from weaker sections of society
  • To help the students in their period of turmoil and confusion
  • To identify and help students in need of special help
  • To ensure the proper utilization of time spent outside the classrooms
  • To help in tackling problems arising out of student explosion
  • To minimize the incidence of indiscipline

Society Management

Prof. Khalid Mehmood Ashraf

Prof. Niamat Ali Murtzai

Prof. M Latif Ashar

Prof. Aamer Shehzad

Prof. Tariq Javed