Character Building Society

 Character Building Society Objectives In Progress… Society Management Prof. M SaeedPrincipalPatron in Chief Prof. Ashraf Shahzad AshrafCoordinator (Focal Person) Student 6thYrPresident Student 6thYrVice-President Student 5thYrGeneral Secretary Student 5thYrMember Student 4thYrMember Student 3rdYrMember Student 2ndYrMember Student 1stYrMember

Science Innovation Society

Science Society

 Science Innovation Society   Objectives To organize, support and publicize international, national and local conferences, symposiums, seminars, workshops, field visits, tutorials, meetings, and dialogue. To promote exchange of scientific information, materials, ideas, values and methodology among institutions, organizations, and individuals – be they involved in science or the general public. To provide help to students of … Read more

Computer Science Society

computer society 1

 Computer Science Society Objectives To set a tradition of distinguished teaching through evolving undergraduate level programs. To hold informative seminars, workshops regarding technological changes, research and innovation. To seed culturally-oriented, research-oriented, enlightened and technologically confident and competent graduates who are prepared to lead the nation at par with the science-tech world. To develop a comprehensive, research-led, … Read more

Political Science Society

Political Science Society

 Political Science Society Previous Next Objectives To gather students who both share and wish to expand a common interest in politics. To operate and host events in a way that invites those interested in politics on the international, domestic, state, and local level and of all ideological backgrounds. To participate in activities that include issue/theme focusedmeetings … Read more

Career Counselling Society

 Career Counselling Society   Objectives To help in the total development of the student To help in the proper choice of courses To help in the proper choice of careers To help the students in vocational development To develop readiness for choices and changes to face need challenges To minimize the mismatching between education and employment … Read more

English Literary Society

 English Literary Society Objectives To assist aspiring writers in channelizing their potentials in the right direction & help them better understand their capabilities To nurture literary abilities of students To provide comprehensive guidance to students for different literary competitions To operate and host debates, speeches and essay writing events To arrange lighthearted meetings in order to … Read more