Science Innovation Society



  • To organize, support and publicize international, national and local conferences, symposiums, seminars, workshops, field visits, tutorials, meetings, and dialogue.
  • To promote exchange of scientific information, materials, ideas, values and methodology among institutions, organizations, and individuals – be they involved in science or the general public.
  • To provide help to students of science through literature, counselling, and advice in their research work.
  • To promote the use of common facilities that might be too costly to set up at individual level.
  • To promulgate the message of science to the general public.
  • To elicit the underlying order and beauty in our natural surroundings, so that our Members engender a firm companionship and hence understanding of natural protection.
  • To reveal the interdisciplinary character of science.
  • To facilitate the free dissemination and spread of scientific information.
  • To build the values of tolerance, progressive-mindedness, democracy of thought and vision.

Society Management

Prof. Dr. Ghulam Mustafa
Patron in Chief

Prof. M Naeem Aslam

Prof. Khalid Mehmood

Student BS

Student BS

Student BS