Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry Dr. Khalil Ahmad HOD Assistant Professor of Chemistry PhD Chemistry Message from HOD The Department of Chemistry of Govt. Islamia Graduate College Kasur, affiliated with University of the Punjab, is committed to provide conceptual education along with practical aspects of the subject so that graduates may compete in the market. Fully functional … Read more

Department of Biology

Department of Biology Dr. Khalid Mehmood HOD Lecturer in Zoology PhD Zoology Message from HOD It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you as an aspirant to be a student of Department of Biology. The main emphasis of this department is to prepare manpower for leadership positions in Govt. Organizations (Universities, Colleges, Schools, wildlife … Read more

Department of Physics

Department of Physics Jameel Ahmad HOD AssociateProfessor of Physics MPhil Physics Message from HOD The department of physics is one of the most prestigious departments at Govt. Islamia Graduate College Kasur, offering the courses of Physics at intermediate, graduation and post-graduation level. Our department has highly qualified Ph.D and M.Phil. staff with well established laboratories … Read more

Department of Pol. Science

Department of Political Science Shaheen Tipu HOD Assistant Professor of Political Science MA Political Science Message from HOD Department of Political Science is deemed as an essential faculty of Government Islamia Graduate College Kasur. Since its inception Department is equipping its valuable students with the knowledge of political science, which enables a student to face … Read more

Department of Economics

Department of Economics Gohar Saeed HOD Associate Professor of Economics MA Economics Message from HOD I welcome all of you to the Department of Economics at Govt. Islamia Graduate College Kasur. Our aim is to provide students with the intellectual and analytical tools and skills necessary for being critical thinkers and for using the analytical … Read more

Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics Muhammad Nadeem HOD Assistant Professor of Mathematics PhD Mathematics (Ring Theory) Message from HOD I always welcome the new entrants to visit the department of mathematics and obtain different information regarding their admission and interests in various areas of mathematics. I also encourage them to get higher education in the field of … Read more

Department of Urdu

Department of URDU Dr. Muhammad Rafiq HOD Associate Professor of Urdu Ph. D Urdu پیغام صدر ِ شعبہ اُردو بی۔ایس اُردو چار سالہ پروگرام اُردو زبان وادب اور دیگر مضامین میں قومی اور بین الاقوامی معیاراتِ تعلیم کے حصول کا بہترین ذریعہ ہے۔ گورنمنٹ اسلامیہ گریجوایٹ کالج، قصور کے لیے یہ بڑے  اعزاز کی بات … Read more

Department of English

Department of English Muhammad Ashraf Shehzad Ashraf HOD Associate Professor of English MA English Message from HOD English is regarded world over as the only medium of international communication, instruction and conveyance of information. The various programs offered by the Department of English Language and Literature, Government Islamia Graduate College, Kasur aim at producing the … Read more

Department of Islamic Studies

Department of Islamic Studies & Arabic Muhammad Afzal HOD Assistant Professor of Islamiat MPhil Islamic Studies Message from HOD Our college offers BS four year program that has been arranged keeping in view the contemporary needs and future challenges to the Muslim Ummah. The object of this program is to prepare such individuals as have … Read more

Department of Computer Science.

Department of Computer Science & Information Technology Muhammad Shabbir HOD Lecturer in Computer Science MSCS (Genetic Algorithms) Message from HOD Research, advances, innovation and … in the fields of Computer Science and Telecommunication technologies has revolutionized the world into a global village. As of now (and hopefully coming decades) the major medium of international communication, … Read more